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Steve Jobs dies

I remember my uncles had put a multicolored Apple sticker on their fridge when they lived downstairs. I didn’t know what it was for as an 8 year old.
I remember being confused what “delete” meant when I was using a computer for the first time in my life, as an 8th grader– it was a Macintosh II.
I am old enough to remember when Apple was insignificant– but even then Steve Jobs was a story to read. Along with Gates and Allen, his was an inspiration to a child growing up wishing there was an alternative to the boredom of schools! As many people have probably already written again today, the man who started Apple was again at the head of its resurgence and has engineered the fantastic reputation that it has today. The world has seen someone amazing go today– and his death from cancer highlights how many more amazing people we need to keep working on the important things in life. Crazy people, as a famous ad campaign would say.

How to move a car aka how to get out if you are blocked in

At the end of the night, it turned out that the only two cars in the parking lot that were blocked in belonged to myself and my friend. Luckily, our car was blocked in only on the front. Theirs, on the other hand was entirely blocked in! We tried the hotel and found out the VW Touareg blocking us was not registered there, so my friends thought for a quick moment about taking a taxi back home; but we thought that for principle’s sake, we needed to move the blocking car. Here is what followed:
1: can we do this? yes!

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulUinppvGxM’%5D

2: should we tip it over? no, we’ll just leave it where it is:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF4shaOv1gE’%5D

Thank you to everyone who helped. I’m just sad I couldn’t see the guy’s face in the morning when he came out to his car; I think we should have tipped it, though.

Lamborghini Superleggera heels

This is quite possibly the sexiest pair of heels ever. Ok, well, they’re awesome anyway– I really hope the lights on the back glow a la little kids shoes 🙂  Apparently, they don’t really exist– “they were designed on computer by Tim Cooper as a conceptual product for Tonino Lamborghini” according to Luxury Luxury Auto Direct, which seems just as good a source as any other on information on this, because I can’t really find any! Of course, where else really would anything be designed if not on a computer? What a silly thing to say…but I believe the point is that they perhaps never LEFT the computer screen!  Anyway, they are really neat and this has apparently been around since the middle of 2010:

and the car it was based on:

Now if only I could find the car in the same price range as the shoes…

When did the Camaro go on sale as a convertible?

Saw this yesterday in Fahaheel, and didn’t know they existed yet! Checked Chevrolet’s site and it seems they are indeed ready for buying!

camaro convertible

Funnier though, is that thanks to Jalopnik, I found out that apparently this car made it’s debut on a Glee version of Britney Spears’ classic “Baby One More Time.” It’s a classic, you know it. Awesome.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxtpRR_tJRM&feature=related’%5D

Lee Grace Dougherty (the escaping bandit) Subaru ad

Thanks to Jalopnik for this bit of extreme hilarity.

“Three siblings from Florida, sought for a string of robberies, stole a Subaru Impreza and led police on a 20-mile car chase in Colorado at speeds of over 100 mph. The chase ended when cops put down a “stop stick.”

So it follows that Subaru should take this opportunity to brag about the bad-ass factor of their cars! Or crash-worthiness, perhaps? Anyway, someone made this bit of brilliance, in keeping with their “Love” campaign which features owners and their activities:

Ferrari makes a hatchback? FF!

Well, technically it’s a “shooting brake.” Which is somewhere between a hatch and a coupe– but it seems like more companies are exploring this very different looking body style lately. The most commercially successfull (and one of my favorites) recently was the first generation BMW Z3 Coupe:

Then Audi had their Shooting Brake concept, which was only slightly differently commercialized as the Volkswagen Scirocco:

But I do have to say, the Audi and the Scirocco–while I do love seeing the Sciroccos in real life and they look great– aren’t quite… as racy as I’d like my shooting brakes to be. I mean, I suppose the real question is, when is it not just a low hatch? I imagine the rear seats might be one differentiator, making things like the Scirocco or Alfa’s beautiful Giulietta very attractive hatchbacks and not quite shooting brakes. Oh wait– then the subject of this post is a very attractive hatchback as well! Well, you decide:

President Barak Obama action figure!

People around the world like Barak Obama– this happened just about when he was working on becoming President– a welcome change to the worldwide dislike for our previous President!
But now you can take your excitement for Obama to a new level:

Obama action figure

That’s right, our Bin Laden-beating President is available as an action figure– but not just any static action figure! This comes with all variations of hands and multiple neckties. Because you never know when he’ll have to fight Darth Vader.  Or when he might need to sit on a stool and sing, or hold a samurai sword or… go ahead and check out the full range of awesomeness at Gamu Toys!

Tha man has taken out Bin Laden, I dunno WHAT Vader is thinking!