I find it very useful when people review products on their blogs.  As we have an idea of what kind of tastes they have through other parts of their blogs, we can gauge how their reactions may stack up against our own.  So, I intend to have a product review section of my own, for the things that I tend to purchase after a lot of research and agonizing.
Many of my friends had been trying to get me to buy an Apple notebook when I bought my recent computer (review of my Gateway that I ended up buying to come soon).  I had, thought though, that this time I would do something uncharacteristically Ridwan and buy an iPad soon after it came out!  It would be a great oddity if I had one of these tech devices while it was “hot” and everyone would want to touch my lovely touchscreen computer.  I was going to do this, too, but then–just then–I saw what Hitler said:

Couldn’t have said it better myself.  Maybe he should’ve done product reviews on a blog rather than the whole megalomaniac thing. 🙂
Hope you’re having a great day!



Today, I won.

I was at a development class today (a class to develop, not a class on development) and there was a quiz. The presenter showed 15 images of places around the world and it was to see if we knew them. I missed the Pyramid of the Sun and Red Square! BUT, I still had the most correct, and so I WON CHOCOLATE!
Not just any chocolate:
That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: German and delicious, this chocolate waits on my table to be savored at any moment of my choosing!
Arielle, hi. This event made me miss you bc/ you brought that delicious raspberry chocolate by these guys when you came over! Of course then I miss our house in DC, and having people over and … I’m just gonna go to sleep now.
Or maybe go eat chocolate, that should make me feel better!!


They grow up so fast!

Had a great day on Friday. Raiyan was on his way back from Bangladesh and had a very long layover in Kuwait, so came out and visited me. He was put up by Kuwait Airways in the sweetest Holiday Inn I’ve ever seen!

It was really great to hang out with my baby brother in a completely grown up way in a totally different setting. Since he’s away at college and I’m so far south, we don’t get to do this kind of thing often enough. Not so great was the fact that I wasn’t allowed to rent a car! Funnily, as a visitor you are allowed to drive with your American license in Kuwait, but as someone who’s applied for a work-visa, you are no longer eligible to do so! So you’re stuck taking a cab in a place where there is no metro system to speak of, and it gets REALLY expensive really quick!

Anyway, we went to the Marina Mall area. The big thing to do in Kuwait city is to go shopping, generally drive around, and generally hang around. This particular area is really fun for that, especially on a Friday night, Continue reading “They grow up so fast!”

Hello world!

That’s the default heading for the default testpost on here. I always loved that phrase. For those that don’t know, it’s the oft-used phrase to know that you are getting the output that you expect.

Big ups to Jason for setup operations here.

Today’s quote from one of my officemates “he doesn’t have a stapler in his stomach, he has his stomach stapled!”

stomach staple!