Superbowl XLIV

I wonder how many kids bother to learn what those letters in the Superbowl logo mean!

So it’s 0600– that’s 6:00am, and I’ve just come back to my room.  Actually, it’s sometime just after 06, because that is when Reveille  ytaudio(SGnZxcS7VKA) is played over the loudspeakers around here, and it’s really quite fun to wake up to– or to pause and listen to, if you’ve already been awake the whole night!
I have watched a couple of superbowl matches in the last several years– all of them only for the party, and this one was no exception.  The fun thing is, this party started at 0100.  Because of the time difference, the game started at 0230 here, and we had a party at the office for all of us.  We went over to KFC and picked up some snacker burritos, and we’d already stocked the requisite chips/salsa and sodas at the office, so it was a culinary delight as Superbowl parties tend to be.  We had some non-alcoholic Loenbrau (sp?) but we forgot about it in the fridge!  I guess one just doesn’t look forward to that as much as the real stuff.

Being formerly from Baltimore, I always cheer for the opponents of the Indianapolis Colts.  If you don’t know, they used to be the Baltimore Colts, and they left “by  cover of night, during a storm.” Here’s the story reported in The Daily Reporter on Mar 29, 1984. And from Wikipedia, via two cited sources, “the Indianapolis Mayor called John B. Smith, his friend, neighbor and chief executive officer of Mayflower Transit, and 15 trucks were dispatched to the team’s Owings Mills, Maryland training complex at 2:00 AM on March 29 because it was feared the franchise would be seized early the following morning. Workers loaded all of the team’s belongings and the trucks left for Indianapolis. By 10:00 AM, the Colts were completely gone from Baltimore.  Each of the trucks took a slightly different route on the way to Indianapolis. This was done to confuse the Maryland police, who could’ve been called on to put a stop to the move. Once each van was at the Indiana state line, it was met by Indiana State Troopers, who escorted each van to the Colts new home in Indianapolis.”  Logically, the team owner really didn’t have much of a choice and the Maryland legislature were idiots, but that’s all besides the point!

All that being said, it was fun supporting one team and watching them be down and then come back and eventually win the game. It’s unusual that I care enough about any team to actually root for one over another.  It also was just a really great game to watch, with so much suspense and so much athleticism on display.  I miss the people that I’m used to watching games with– or more usually, not watching games with– but I’m thankful that I have a great bunch of people to enjoy my time with while I’m here.
Hope whatever you did in the evening was great.


2 thoughts on “Superbowl XLIV

  1. i don’t think the link for the player worked… or maybe twas just me.

    i obviously don’t care about anything related to this football, but i was simply cheering on the Saints because of the Green Day and U2 song they did for Katrina…. great song. not exactly for the team, but still… you get the point. :p

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