Google and "Blogocide" — Don't be evil?

A commentator on the Wikipedia article says “”Don’t be evil” is said to recognize that large corporations often maximize short-term profits with actions that destroy long-term brand image and competitive position.” I agree on that being at least the idea that Google has always put forth.  Somewhere between knowing the cute slogan, and having my own blog where I’ve put in many hours just to get it to look/ feel a certain way (hey now! I’m still working on it!), I’m really perturbed by this news from NPR:

Apparently Google has killed off a slew of music blogs-

Google’s Blogger Team sent out emails to sites including I Rock Cleveland, Marsala, Pop Tarts Suck Toasted, To Die By Your Side, It’s a Rap and Living Ears:

We’d like to inform you that we’ve received another complaint regarding your blog (

Upon review of your account, we’ve noted that your blog has repeatedly violated Blogger’s Terms of Service (

Given that we’ve provided you with several warnings of these violations and advised you of our policy towards repeat infringers, we’ve been forced to remove your blog.

Thank you for your understanding.
The Blogger Team

The owner of I Rock Cleveland wrote back: “I assure you that everything I’ve posted for, let’s say, the past two years, has either been provided by a promotional company, came directly from the record label, or came directly from the artist.”
NPR’s Marketplace (click for full article)

So it seems the artists–and by that I mean the owners of the blogs– never really had a chance to figured out either 1. exactly what the problem was or 2. if it could be corrected!  Very silly, and really much worse than that–I think it’s very disrespectful of other people’s intellectual property.  Ironic, given the grounds.

They do many things really well, Google.  But it’s things like this that make sure that I’m not going to switch from Facebook to Buzz quite just yet! Regardless of how neatly Google would like to “consolidate [my] online identity.”


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