CECT KA08 menu button malfunction reset

I will be posting a full review of my phone soon, but I wanted to address  a specific glitch that seems to plague at least a few other owners of the CECT KA08.

If your menu button does not bring up the applications menu, this might help you return to normal functionality.  Does it beep when pressed, and take the phone out of sleep mode, but still not bring up apps?  It should also function properly when the “home” page is used, so you can see missed calls, read received SMS, look at Calendar entries already scheduled, etc.  This has happened to several people after enabling “fly mode” or “flight mode,” it seems.

****I have found this out on my own, and do not claim ANY inside information from CECT or any of its affiliates, and have received no technical assistance or information from the aforementioned company.  You try this at your own risk;  I have done this procedure on my phone and it worked perfectly.  It even kept my files that I had uploaded onto Images and Music directory.  Again, try it at your own risk.  If you were like me, you’re staring at a phone that doesn’t do much of anything anyway! ****

What you have to do is reset to factory defaults; the tricky bit is how to get to the screen where you can do that, without a functioning Menu button.

1.  Take off the rear battery cover (simply slide towards the top of the phone).
2. Take out battery and sim card(s).
3. Put battery back in (without sim card(s))
4. (*Read Step 4 and 5 before performing step 4) Turn phone on, making sure not to touch anything until the initialization is complete (when complete, the home screen will show).
5.  After the home screen has appeared, but BEFORE it can lock itself, press the Menu button once, and only once.
(If you press it a second time, take battery back out and repeat from step 3)
6. When you press the Menu button the first time, the Application menu should show up as it should.  If this does not happen, you can try pressing the button again, but be careful to press it only once at a time, because a second click will lock it up again. Obviously, if that doesn’t work, try taking the battery out and repeating from Step 3)
If all has gone well, at this point,
a. Go to Settings>[01]Dual SIM Setup>Click on your preferred SIM setting (doesn’t matter as long as it’s not Flight Mode)
b. Go to Settings> [08]Restore Factory Settings
It will ask you to enter a PIN;  the possible codes are:
“1122, 3344, 1234, 5678 or even 0000” –from here. It depends on the manufacture date/exact model.
7. When it comes back to the home screen, you can take out the battery, put your sim(s) back in, and restart.
You should have a normally functioning phone again.

Hope this works for you!  (Let me know!)

Good luck, and good day,

7 thoughts on “CECT KA08 menu button malfunction reset

    1. It’s not working AT ALL, or just sometimes?
      If you press the +/- button on there, does it show/hide the “missed calls” “SMS’ etc.? Can you slide the lock/unlock to even get to that point?

  1. not sure how this solves my problem in that the stupid thing will not charge. the battery symbol comes on and it says its going through the motions, but nope. just goes dead…

    another thing.. anyone else find that the wifi is crappy? i am sitting next to my router / ap and it says signal low.

    also.. has anyone seriously managed to get the drivers to work for xp? its coming to the point i am thinking of using the thing for target practice very soon.. its driving me up the wall…. anyone any ideas… glyn@eulinx.com is my email/msn. i have tryed all the drivers on http://www.china-mobile-phone.com/service/download.htm and managed to link with the bluetooth, lol but now the battery is dead as a dodo.

  2. @glyn: The only suggestion I can offer– assuming you have already tried the second battery to no avail– is to play with the female ends of the connection and make sure they are all straight. I have read about people’s conxns notworking properly due to incorrect grounding bc/ the pins aren’t straight. I imagine you’ve already tried both USB and plugin charger, so it’s probably not the male end. Unfortunately, quality in these phones is pretty much entirely based on luck.
    Haven’t tried wifi / anything fancy with windows; when I’ve plugged in USB it has offered the 3 modes of connection and that’s all I’ve done with it until the screen broke one day.
    Good luck,

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