Countdown to going home!

It’s been very strange to be out here in Kuwait. Unfortunately, I’m carless in a country where EVERYTHING is tied to driving. It’s worse than living in a suburb, it’s more like living in the country without a car! There’s not a lot to “do” unless you count shopping and eating as major activities. I’ve always wanted to find other things, and we’ve found a few, but in the end I can’t wait ’till I get a car when I come back from vacation.
Speaking of which, I have never looked so eagerly towards a vacation!

[fergcorp_cdt_single date=”June 23, 2010, 1400″] I had gone to New York!

Those of you that can be around, please contact (at Virginia’s phone)/ come and visit! I’ll only be in the States for 2 weeks, about 9 days of which is going to in NY, and the rest in MD. I already don’t want to come back, and I haven’t even left yet! It’s going to go by really REALLY fast!

Looking forward,


Goooal! AFN scores the World Cup!!

Proving that newspapers do in fact report good news sometimes, this morning’s Stars and Stripes paper reported: “Just hours before the start of the world’s largest sporting event, American Forces Network secured the broadcasting rights to the 2010 World Cup.” For many soldiers and support personnel working at US bases, this was a matter of great worry– as only few places have access to ESPN. Soccer fans had consigned themselves to having to try and find an online stream, or the really lucky few to find a TV set with ESPN. Even the day before the world’s biggest sporting event, people at cafeterias on US bases found themselves staring at the Stanley Cup replays and some random baseball matches. No, not even in America does anyone REALLY care about the Stanley cup. Fine– except maybe about 7 people!

Meanwhile, further down the article on realizes why this was a big issue. Reports the Stars and Stripes: “The process to obtain the broadcast rights involved 34 international television licensees and sub-licensees in 28 territories, who waived their territorial exclusivity, the AFN release said.”

So here we are–ready. Here in Kuwait this means the games will be on at the big TVs where we can all gather to watch, and maybe– just maybe– all the excitement draws in a few new converts to the beautiful game!


World Cup is coming! Google's special "next page" icon

So there’ll be a lot of searching of World Cup related terms on Google. Yes, I’m writing two consecutive posts having to do with Google, but hey, if they’re doing things right… !

As I was looking for a printable version of the official World Cup Schedule (pdf), I realized that for related searches, the bottom of the Google page looks like this:

Also, if you want a schedule that is in your timezone, on the FIFA website, they have a place where you can click and it converts the time into your zone. Unfortunately, the schedule is not printable with those times!
Meanwhile, here’s a place where you can check current World Cup scores and game results.
Not to be missed also is the work this guy put in to create a World Cup Excel template which generates all the right matches coming up, depending on the results  you put in. Definitely fun for tracking the madness!

4 years in the waiting and it’s coming soon! Hopefully you’ll find some fun places to watch from!


Gorillaz – Plastic Beach – Stylo video – cars!

I know I’m late to this party!!  Just getting around to listening to the Gorillaz album Plastic Beach, which was released back in March. I’ve heard the excellent track Melancholy Hill before thanks to Jason or Hasan whoever it was– but wow the rest of the album is equally excellent! Many artists will feature all sorts of cameos, but these guys– their superstar list includes some awesome big names– really put together SUCH a coherent sound through the album. It makes me want to go buy a car so I can drive around and listen to this music.

Speaking of cars– I am loving the video to Stylo– featuring two classics, and Bruce Willis. Can’t go wrong.

The ’69 Camaro SS (convertible) that the band is driving has the same surreal look as the semi-animated band members themselves. Meanwhile, Bruce gives chase with what looks to be a ’67 El Camino. Both gorgeous, and all totally badass.

On a slight side-note, if you haven’t seen their appearance on the Colbert Report, it’s a yes.

Vote for Google doodle! love football …err, soccer

Google is having a fun contest asking children around the world to come up with the best “doodle” for the Google logo celebrating the special time of life that is the World Cup season!

From Google’s page on the event (they don’t seem to have a centralized page, but the same info in each section):

“We’re inviting 4 to 17 year olds from around the world to exercise their creative imaginations around the theme: “I love football”.
The winning doodle will have a chance to be displayed internationally on Google home pages around the world. for a day on July
1th 2010.”
There is also a national competition in each of the countries this is taking place, and “the national winner will automatically be entered in the global competition. The public from around the world will vote for their overall favorite doodle. The overall winning doodle will be displayed on the Google homepage of all the participating countries for 24 hours, in July 2010. The overall winner and the runner up will win amazing prizes!”

Around most of the footballing world, this contest is known as the “love football” contest. When I couldn’t find the contest page for the US, even though I found a bunch of other countries from around the world (below), I thought maybe it’s called something about soccer. As it turns out, the Australian competition is called “I love soccer” but still nothing for the US!  If someone finds this please let me know, until then I’m very disappointed that even though soccer is probably the most played sport among children of the competition age in the US (4-17), they don’t have this competition open for us!

Meanwhile, we’ll enjoy some of the nice designs children elsewhere came up with!

Google love football / soccer competition pages:

New Zealand
South Africa


Awesome song, awesome video: "I Feel Better"

I don’t know if these guys are getting any airtime in the States, but I have found this fantastic song/video– the band is called Hot Chip, and even though their other videos are quite crazy-looking, this one takes the cake. It was directed by Peter Serafinowicz, and according to Boingboing, was released on March of this year. Who, by the way, has a pretty awesome blog.

So the video is quite brilliantly, hilariously, crazy. But I don’t want to spoil it, so check it out for yourself below. Apparently, he had just done an open call on his blogsite for women to show up! From his blog:

“I’m directing the next HOT CHIP MUSIC VIDEO!
(We appreciate that people may only be able to stay for a few hours but the longer you can stay the better!)
There will be refreshments but NO Pay!
Many Thanks it’s going to be a great video.
Your help is much appreciated!”

I guess I wouldn’t complain about being on a music video being broadcast internationally either! But really– they were ready to release the video just weeks after the shooting?! Anyway– enjoy!