Gorillaz – Plastic Beach – Stylo video – cars!

I know I’m late to this party!!  Just getting around to listening to the Gorillaz album Plastic Beach, which was released back in March. I’ve heard the excellent track Melancholy Hill before thanks to Jason or Hasan whoever it was– but wow the rest of the album is equally excellent! Many artists will feature all sorts of cameos, but these guys– their superstar list includes some awesome big names– really put together SUCH a coherent sound through the album. It makes me want to go buy a car so I can drive around and listen to this music.

Speaking of cars– I am loving the video to Stylo– featuring two classics, and Bruce Willis. Can’t go wrong.

The ’69 Camaro SS (convertible) that the band is driving has the same surreal look as the semi-animated band members themselves. Meanwhile, Bruce gives chase with what looks to be a ’67 El Camino. Both gorgeous, and all totally badass.

On a slight side-note, if you haven’t seen their appearance on the Colbert Report, it’s a yes.

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