World Cup is coming! Google's special "next page" icon

So there’ll be a lot of searching of World Cup related terms on Google. Yes, I’m writing two consecutive posts having to do with Google, but hey, if they’re doing things right… !

As I was looking for a printable version of the official World Cup Schedule (pdf), I realized that for related searches, the bottom of the Google page looks like this:

Also, if you want a schedule that is in your timezone, on the FIFA website, they have a place where you can click and it converts the time into your zone. Unfortunately, the schedule is not printable with those times!
Meanwhile, here’s a place where you can check current World Cup scores and game results.
Not to be missed also is the work this guy put in to create a World Cup Excel template which generates all the right matches coming up, depending on the results  you put in. Definitely fun for tracking the madness!

4 years in the waiting and it’s coming soon! Hopefully you’ll find some fun places to watch from!


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