Dust Devil!

I had seen a dust devil once before, but this one was a good bit more impressive. AND I was able to get a photo with it!

dust devil. there.

Just one of those things one doesn’t USUALLY see back home. Then again, apparently they can and do happen in all sorts of places including soccer games:

They can also get quite large, apparently:

It was fun to see how quickly the intensity along the vertical column changed– at some moments it seemed the whole thing was going to fall apart, but within seconds it would pick up some steam and get higher and more menacing! Reminded me of the tornado machine at the Maryland Science Center We watched it move for a good half mile or so, and it was still going when we walked away. Not surprisingly, there were several smaller ones also seen that day. For more info, the Wikipedia article on the topic seems to be nicely put together.


5 thoughts on “Dust Devil!

    1. thanks! we were walking through town one time and saw a bunch of dirt/trash swirling. the Dust Devil def. kicked Trash Devil’s arse. But as for Dirt, I dunno!!

  1. i saw a video once of a bunch of tiny ones that picked up big grass clods and little kids were running through them. Totally wanna try it out.

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