original vs. remix: No One's Gonna Love you

This was a great song when Band of Horses did the original:

It continues to be good with Cee Lo (one half of the brilliant Gnarles Barkley) singing on the Paul Epworth mix, and unnecessarily sad video:

Hope your day’s going better than these ^ people’s!


4 thoughts on “original vs. remix: No One's Gonna Love you

  1. Great instrumentation but the vocal is just so desperately overdone for my liking. Not a fan of being shouted at or of Gnarles Barkley for a start.

  2. @DavidJB: I really didn’t get that feeling of shouting–but then again, I’ve always been a fan of the Gnarles Barkley sound. So obviously we listen differently!
    Love the instrumentation as well– I think the remake manages to keep that general tone of lamentation even though it’s got more of a beat. It captures what I love about a certain type of trance song, which manages to be sad and have some pace a the same time. Almost makes it sadder in that way!

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