original vs. remix: Ajanabi Sheher ke, ajnabi raste

Sometimes, it’s a subtle difference that makes the remake better. Or maybe it’s just my childhood memories of driving in the dark in the back of my parent’s car while this song played–somehow I always remember it playing when we were returning from somewhere. It’s a terribly sad sounding song, and I think the slower tempo really works well– really, it’s a sad song in the lyrics too. When I was young, though, I never knew what most of it meant, and it was still sad.
Then again, I never do like it when it’s time to go home from a party!

The original, by Pakistani singer Salman Alvi:

The remake by Indian singer Ashok Khosla:

Also, here’s an English translation I found on this site; please let me know if there are any errors/ if it could be said better:

Strange roads of the strange city

kept smiling on my loneliness

for long time I wandered there
for long time you came to my mind

hardships came, hardships I suffered
I lived daily as if I had breathed out

Life kept on testing me
I kept on testing my life

So on and so forth I lived my life
What was wrong me, you didn’t like?

I was ready to give my life for you
Money not love was of value to you

I wish I had never met you
No I cannot live without you

Take me back my darling
All my life I’ll be a serf to you

Kiss your rear no matter what you do
My heart has now for ever fallen for you

O my poor bastardly heart, I am
Suffering now only because of you!

–Thanks to poster Ravi Kopra

Hope you all have a good day,

2 thoughts on “original vs. remix: Ajanabi Sheher ke, ajnabi raste

  1. yep. still makes me feel the same too. i don’t think it ever won’t….
    also, i didn’t know the meaning of the lyrics… i hope this is right too. it’s lovely. and just as sad and lonely sounding as i thought it would be.
    and i’m still a fan of ashok khosla over the original 😉

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