Emergency! Take off your bra!

For all the times when you’re walking along the street and there is a sudden need for a facemask, you can now reach for someone’s boobs! You should probably ask first, lest their knee ends up in your groin. But really, the Emergency Bra doubles as two separate facemasks. From the brochure literature, it sounds like it could be handy in all sorts of disasters!

The Emergency Bra’s primary function is that of a conventional bra. In case of emergency, it can be quickly and easily converted into two face masks without removing any clothes. In case of emergency, where no specialized respiratory devices are available, it can decrease the inhalation of harmful airborne particles. Because the Emergency Bra masks can be securely fixed to the head, it frees a survivor’s hands to keep balance while running and removing objects on the way out of danger. In certain situations, by providing the wearer with a sense of security and protection, the Emergency Bra can reduce the chance of panic attack.

Judging by the photos on their website you could also have some bondage fun with it!


Thanks Rashed for the tip!

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