Kuwait Events: Reuse 4.0

Environmental initiatives in Kuwait are few and far-between, so I’m glad to know there’s one going on right now. But hurry, it ends tomorrow!


REUSE is “an annual exposition that serves as an opportunity for non-profit organizations, companies, professionals and aspiring creative talents to showcase their accomplishments in the fields of social responsibility and sustainability via a range of artistic mediums and interactive activities for the general public.”  As in, I’m not really sure what I’m expecting to see as such accomplishments in this country, but I’m hoping I’ll be pleasantly surprised! More importantly, I’m hoping to see some direction and some plans for progress. Kuwait needs it desperately.
As you can see above, it is taking place at the ACK, and is open ’till 9pm tonight (January 12) and again tomorrow (Jan. 13)  from 4pm to 9pm.  Location of the Australian College of Kuwait:

ridwander map

This whole program is suppored by EnVInitiative, about whom you can learn more on their site.
Hope you can make it out

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