Fox news Freudian Slip: Obama Bin Laden

Now if Obama was really a “Communist” as Fox likes to call him, they’d sure have something to worry about! But seriously guys, wow. It’s one thing to not like he guy, but to do a worldplay like that just to smear the moment that might clinch his next election? Oh wait, that might just have been the plan…

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Bin Laden is killed! aka Obama captures Osama

Obama speaks:

Here’s a good replay of President Obama’s speech announcing the demise of Bin Laden.

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It’s amazing to think this has actually happened. There’s some part of me, though, that wonders if it really did/ what if it didn’t? It’s ok, we’ll just go along with t he celebrations… the real thing is, so what? I somehow don’t see a world-wide reduction in terrorism all of a sudden. And as for the sorrow of the people who’ve lost someone / some part of their lives at the Twin Towers calamity, I don’t see any of their sadness abating either.

At any rate, if we’ve taken out a real mastermind planning the demise of countless others, well then this is a good thing.