Kissing!. . . during a riot

So apparently this has/is “going viral” aka being talked about often, but still– there is this shot of a couple in passionate embrace amidst riots in Vancouver and it’s really just hot. The photographer Richard Lam who took it is still unsure whether they were kissing or hurt–I’m not sure there’s much room for debate there. What I’m really surprised about is where are the OTHER photos of this? I can’t believe in this day of continuous camera/phone recording that there are no other photos of the event itself, poor quality as they may be.

"don't worry about them"

It’s a great-looking shot, and really, I’d never want to be with anyone that couldn’t lose themselves to me that much! I am, though, convinced this is someone’s art project. Look at those legs! And even from this far away the fellow looks too ruggedly handsome to’ve just been spending the evening at a hockey game with his hot Spanish girl– no, this screams art/social project and I’m just waiting to find out who!
Your thoughts?



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