Automotive awesome: Lancia Delta Integrale

Thanks to Jalopnik for providing this bit of deliciousness this morning:
My god what a beautiful car. I love what they said about it:

The Lancia Delta Integrale WRC is one of those great litmus tests for car people. If someone looks at it and sees and old Italian econobox they are not a car person. If they see it and immediately start drooling you know they are.

It is so true! What–you wonder–is the big deal? /You just want to hear it go?

From inside:
[yframe url=’’%5D

From outside:
[yframe url=’’%5D
And of course, off-road gloriousness:
[yframe url=’’%5D

I remember this kid Nabil had a whole bunch of 1/18 model Italian cars made by Burago. One of my favorites was the Martini liveried Integrale he had– it had the full-opening rear of the S4 Group B car and the similar front as well. I was wowed with that car before I ever even watched it go anywhere, before I found out about it’s rally domination and now I find myself wondering– wouldn’t that make just a great daily?



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