Awake and anesthesia

I have twice in my life been under local anesthesia. Both times I could feel waaayyy too much. Because of this, when my dentist showed me that I need to have my molars removed, I got very nervous. I immediately start thinking ok, general anesthesia this time. Then of course, given how un-successful the locals were, I’m thinking “at least I could say something then!” Well, not entirely useful, but still… anyway, so to ride on my worst fears, I saw today a movie called Awake.

Jessica Alba is gorgeous as ever, and Mr. Christensen is also quite easy on the eyes– but it does annoy someone that the beautiful Latina girl does necessarily have to be from a poor family in Brooklyn working FOR a rich family, etc… But anyway, the story of how this guy is awake during his entire surgery is really quite thoroughly frightening.

Maybe I’ll just let my teeth get crooked.


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