Ferrari makes a hatchback? FF!

Well, technically it’s a “shooting brake.” Which is somewhere between a hatch and a coupe– but it seems like more companies are exploring this very different looking body style lately. The most commercially successfull (and one of my favorites) recently was the first generation BMW Z3 Coupe:

Then Audi had their Shooting Brake concept, which was only slightly differently commercialized as the Volkswagen Scirocco:

But I do have to say, the Audi and the Scirocco–while I do love seeing the Sciroccos in real life and they look great– aren’t quite… as racy as I’d like my shooting brakes to be. I mean, I suppose the real question is, when is it not just a low hatch? I imagine the rear seats might be one differentiator, making things like the Scirocco or Alfa’s beautiful Giulietta very attractive hatchbacks and not quite shooting brakes. Oh wait– then the subject of this post is a very attractive hatchback as well! Well, you decide:


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