Steve Jobs dies

I remember my uncles had put a multicolored Apple sticker on their fridge when they lived downstairs. I didn’t know what it was for as an 8 year old.
I remember being confused what “delete” meant when I was using a computer for the first time in my life, as an 8th grader– it was a Macintosh II.
I am old enough to remember when Apple was insignificant– but even then Steve Jobs was a story to read. Along with Gates and Allen, his was an inspiration to a child growing up wishing there was an alternative to the boredom of schools! As many people have probably already written again today, the man who started Apple was again at the head of its resurgence and has engineered the fantastic reputation that it has today. The world has seen someone amazing go today– and his death from cancer highlights how many more amazing people we need to keep working on the important things in life. Crazy people, as a famous ad campaign would say.


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