This is a test of the Ridwander broadcasting system.  Currently broadcasting out of Kuwait.
We were at Jason’s house and he asked Amanda if anyone called her Amander, and it turns out that no one did.  So we started to!  At some point thereafter, Amanda and Teresa started calling me Ridwander.  So there’s to the name credits;  and thanks to Jason for 1. suggesting that could be the name here, and more importantly for 2. helping me with all the technicalities of getting this going. And for 3. being an awesome friend in general, but that’s just how he do.

At least for a while, this page will look a bit spotty as this is me trying out what I can/not do with a site, and what works better and worse.  So I hope you enjoy the stories while not being too put off by the oddities of the site itself!


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4 thoughts on “about

  1. Enjoyed reading the recap of the genesis of Ridwander. And very glad I could help out here! Also, I dig the new theme. Time to break out The Gimp (referring to the graphics program) =D

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