original vs. remix: Ajanabi Sheher ke, ajnabi raste

Sometimes, it’s a subtle difference that makes the remake better. Or maybe it’s just my childhood memories of driving in the dark in the back of my parent’s car while this song played–somehow I always remember it playing when we were returning from somewhere. It’s a terribly sad sounding song, and I think the slower tempo really works well– really, it’s a sad song in the lyrics too. When I was young, though, I never knew what most of it meant, and it was still sad.
Then again, I never do like it when it’s time to go home from a party!

The original, by Pakistani singer Salman Alvi:

The remake by Indian singer Ashok Khosla:

Also, here’s an English translation I found on this site; please let me know if there are any errors/ if it could be said better:

Strange roads of the strange city

kept smiling on my loneliness

for long time I wandered there
for long time you came to my mind

hardships came, hardships I suffered
I lived daily as if I had breathed out

Life kept on testing me
I kept on testing my life

So on and so forth I lived my life
What was wrong me, you didn’t like?

I was ready to give my life for you
Money not love was of value to you

I wish I had never met you
No I cannot live without you

Take me back my darling
All my life I’ll be a serf to you

Kiss your rear no matter what you do
My heart has now for ever fallen for you

O my poor bastardly heart, I am
Suffering now only because of you!

–Thanks to poster Ravi Kopra

Hope you all have a good day,

original vs. remix: No One's Gonna Love you

This was a great song when Band of Horses did the original:

It continues to be good with Cee Lo (one half of the brilliant Gnarles Barkley) singing on the Paul Epworth mix, and unnecessarily sad video:

Hope your day’s going better than these ^ people’s!


original vs. remix: Robbie Williams' Last Days of Disco

I’ve recently come across this Robbie Williams track called “Last Days of Disco” off his 2009 album Reality Killed the Video Star. By itself, you’d have to be a fan of Eurythmics or Pet Shop Boys to like the song:

Personally, I like this Black Van remix better, though:

Also fun is this Ricky Ryan mashup:
ytaudio(6ljfpMNrL1A)  which utilizes an otherwise thoroughly boring tune by College called “Teenage Color”

Hope your day’s going well!


Gorillaz – Plastic Beach – Stylo video – cars!

I know I’m late to this party!!  Just getting around to listening to the Gorillaz album Plastic Beach, which was released back in March. I’ve heard the excellent track Melancholy Hill before thanks to Jason or Hasan whoever it was– but wow the rest of the album is equally excellent! Many artists will feature all sorts of cameos, but these guys– their superstar list includes some awesome big names– really put together SUCH a coherent sound through the album. It makes me want to go buy a car so I can drive around and listen to this music.

Speaking of cars– I am loving the video to Stylo– featuring two classics, and Bruce Willis. Can’t go wrong.

The ’69 Camaro SS (convertible) that the band is driving has the same surreal look as the semi-animated band members themselves. Meanwhile, Bruce gives chase with what looks to be a ’67 El Camino. Both gorgeous, and all totally badass.

On a slight side-note, if you haven’t seen their appearance on the Colbert Report, it’s a yes.

Awesome song, awesome video: "I Feel Better"

I don’t know if these guys are getting any airtime in the States, but I have found this fantastic song/video– the band is called Hot Chip, and even though their other videos are quite crazy-looking, this one takes the cake. It was directed by Peter Serafinowicz, and according to Boingboing, was released on March of this year. Who, by the way, has a pretty awesome blog.

So the video is quite brilliantly, hilariously, crazy. But I don’t want to spoil it, so check it out for yourself below. Apparently, he had just done an open call on his blogsite for women to show up! From his blog:

“I’m directing the next HOT CHIP MUSIC VIDEO!
(We appreciate that people may only be able to stay for a few hours but the longer you can stay the better!)
There will be refreshments but NO Pay!
Many Thanks it’s going to be a great video.
Your help is much appreciated!”

I guess I wouldn’t complain about being on a music video being broadcast internationally either! But really– they were ready to release the video just weeks after the shooting?! Anyway– enjoy!


Shati' al Watiya aka Umm Habib Restaurant

On the suggestion of someone at 248am.com, we went to check out the restaurant that was formerly known as Umm Habib.  I don’t know when they changed their name, but personally I think the previous name (“Habib’s mom) was very much more endearing. When we found the place– in a small house, with very intimate, house-looking interior, the new name seemed very ill-fitting indeed.

At any rate, the name change might be my only gripe about the place!
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quiet music

Sometimes one just needs to listen to a song in quiet. Sometimes it also needs to be dark. I remember spending many hours listening to some beautiful music with my friends back in the day– John had the best setup with repeater lights on his speakers that offered just enough light and interest to be a good accompaniment and not a distraction to the music. Convertibles also work wonders for this kind of thing, because you can be by the water at night, and get the feeling of being outside and let the dark of night wrap around you while the music can do it’s accoustic embrace. You just have to make sure you have your clothes on nice and maybe a drink in your hand so the police officer doesn’t give you weird looks when you’re just hanging out by the water on a quiet corner with another dude! Eh- they give you looks anyway! Those were good times with Denis and Jon and the little white Cabriolet.  I guess Rabab and Dee were both away at school. I feel like most of my memories from those years have that car involved in them. I guess it was always our first choice of transport. So often people listen to music as a background, even when it’s really really good.
Beginnings of Darkness
Creative Commons License photo credit: WTL photos

It’s a nice night out. I wish I had a convertible and some good friends to drive out to a water with. Until then, I’ll just turn out the lights and enjoy an amazing song on my own.

Keep your friends close, forget your enemies; f*** how the saying goes.