Steve Jobs address at Stanford

I’m not sure why it was so stunning that Jobs was resigning as Apple’s CEO– he’s almost  done it before, and the man really has been at the top for long enough, let him get some rest!
Somewhere on NPR they were suggesting this, and it’s really great; he doesn’t go on too long, and shares three great stories:

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Lamborghini Superleggera heels

This is quite possibly the sexiest pair of heels ever. Ok, well, they’re awesome anyway– I really hope the lights on the back glow a la little kids shoes 🙂  Apparently, they don’t really exist– “they were designed on computer by Tim Cooper as a conceptual product for Tonino Lamborghini” according to Luxury Luxury Auto Direct, which seems just as good a source as any other on information on this, because I can’t really find any! Of course, where else really would anything be designed if not on a computer? What a silly thing to say…but I believe the point is that they perhaps never LEFT the computer screen!  Anyway, they are really neat and this has apparently been around since the middle of 2010:

and the car it was based on:

Now if only I could find the car in the same price range as the shoes…

Lee Grace Dougherty (the escaping bandit) Subaru ad

Thanks to Jalopnik for this bit of extreme hilarity.

“Three siblings from Florida, sought for a string of robberies, stole a Subaru Impreza and led police on a 20-mile car chase in Colorado at speeds of over 100 mph. The chase ended when cops put down a “stop stick.”

So it follows that Subaru should take this opportunity to brag about the bad-ass factor of their cars! Or crash-worthiness, perhaps? Anyway, someone made this bit of brilliance, in keeping with their “Love” campaign which features owners and their activities:

test4 Facebook comments attempts continue

UPDATE: So I’ve got the commenting to go back and forth from Facebook, where each of my posts are showing up on my wall page. That’s step one– but it seems that there is not yet a way to integrate Facebook-style comments with FB comments transferring between ridwander and FB. Apparently the problem is on the FB side where the programming gets confused with different app IDs one trying to get comments back and forth, and one doing  comments integration. Ah well, we’ll see what we can do in the future. For now, hope you enjoy this new fb functionality!

I’m trying to install a commenting system based on Facebook, so it will be easier to comment for people who are already logged onto FB and don’t mind using just that username/login. But I would also like it to have reply-comments functionality if someone comments on the blog posting on my own FB page. It’s having both that is provinig difficult.
We’ll see what we can do.

To those of you that are getting this in your inboxes, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to figure out how to stop a single post to email out! At least you know what’s happening 🙂


Corruption 2010

As the year draws to a close, many lists will be made regarding bests and worst and how we have/not improved.
Here’s something I was thinking about while I was reading an article that mentioned how corrupt Iraq is– I wonder which way corruption is trending in more of the world? Unfortunately, I imagine more countries on the graphic below will be going from green towards red! Also, not surprisingly, our two major warzones Iraq and Afghanistan are two out of the top four most corrupt. This graphic is taken from Transparency International’s CPI (Corruption Perception Index) for 2010. The document contains the full listing and breakdown by continent and a map showing the distribution of corrupt countries.

[December 19, 2010]: I was looking through Foreign Policy magazine today and they had some revelations about corruption that came out of the Wikileaks leaked documents. Check out some of the astounding offenders.

Google Maps war? Nicaragua vs. Costa Rica

How did I miss this? Did you know this was going on in the past week?A war has broken out because of a Google Maps error!! Seriously!

Somewhat. I was amazed and not slightly cynical when I first came upon this story on Search Engine Land. But as most territorial disputes go, it’s not that simple. In this case, a Nicaraguan Commander Eden Pastora was quoted in La Nacion as using the discrepancy shown in the Google Map (correct boundaries shown by Bing) as a justification. But the key word there is “justification”– As in, this is a long, long running dispute, and this is just one kink in the chain:

Meanwhile in the last week or so, ccording to the Miami Herald, Nicaraguan troops have crossed into land that belongs to Costa Rica– who “claims that Nicaragua’s efforts to dredge the San Juan River, a Nicaraguan waterway that parallels the border between the two countries, has ‘flagrantly” crossed into Costa Rican territory.” They have further claimed that “the dredging has caused environmental damage,” saying that “Costa Rica is not trying to change the current delineation of the border, or to take over any part of the river that belongs exclusively to Nicaragua. “But that doesn’t mean that Costa Rica will allow Nicaragua to incur on its territory. … We will not accept unilateral changes of the boundary.” Further according to AP, “Nicaragua’s ambassador, Denis Moncada, said [Costa Rican foreign minister] Castro’s allegations were “out of line [and that] “Nicaragua will continue to exercise its sovereignty and defense, the cleanup of the San Juan River and the fight against drug trafficking on our border.”

Google has also put up their own response to the topic– basically saying that it’s the fault of the US Department of State, from whom they received the particular map. Meanwhile, really nicely put together is the Ogle (which is “Charting the effect of neogeographical tools like Google Earth on science and society”) post on the same topic. It presents the story using some older maps and mentions a very interesting point by Nicaragua’s President Ortega about how a border that is delineated by a river can be interpreted– is it always the course of the river, which can dwindle over time? Or is it the originally established boundary of the river, which can then become dry land still controlled by the original owners.
I’m voting for borders set by coordinate systems– but I guess the whole problem is that these things aren’t being set today, they were set by people who didn’t foresee such issues as rivers drying up, and we’re left to deal with the problems!  And this time we can’t even turn to satellite imagery for help!


Emergency! Take off your bra!

For all the times when you’re walking along the street and there is a sudden need for a facemask, you can now reach for someone’s boobs! You should probably ask first, lest their knee ends up in your groin. But really, the Emergency Bra doubles as two separate facemasks. From the brochure literature, it sounds like it could be handy in all sorts of disasters!

The Emergency Bra’s primary function is that of a conventional bra. In case of emergency, it can be quickly and easily converted into two face masks without removing any clothes. In case of emergency, where no specialized respiratory devices are available, it can decrease the inhalation of harmful airborne particles. Because the Emergency Bra masks can be securely fixed to the head, it frees a survivor’s hands to keep balance while running and removing objects on the way out of danger. In certain situations, by providing the wearer with a sense of security and protection, the Emergency Bra can reduce the chance of panic attack.

Judging by the photos on their website you could also have some bondage fun with it!


Thanks Rashed for the tip!