How to move a car aka how to get out if you are blocked in

At the end of the night, it turned out that the only two cars in the parking lot that were blocked in belonged to myself and my friend. Luckily, our car was blocked in only on the front. Theirs, on the other hand was entirely blocked in! We tried the hotel and found out the VW Touareg blocking us was not registered there, so my friends thought for a quick moment about taking a taxi back home; but we thought that for principle’s sake, we needed to move the blocking car. Here is what followed:
1: can we do this? yes!

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2: should we tip it over? no, we’ll just leave it where it is:

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Thank you to everyone who helped. I’m just sad I couldn’t see the guy’s face in the morning when he came out to his car; I think we should have tipped it, though.


When did the Camaro go on sale as a convertible?

Saw this yesterday in Fahaheel, and didn’t know they existed yet! Checked Chevrolet’s site and it seems they are indeed ready for buying!

camaro convertible

Funnier though, is that thanks to Jalopnik, I found out that apparently this car made it’s debut on a Glee version of Britney Spears’ classic “Baby One More Time.” It’s a classic, you know it. Awesome.

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Kuwait Events: Desert Song musical

ust on the heels of the Kuwait Little Theatre’s fun production of Hairspray, there is still more musicals happening in Kuwait!


Tuesday 31 May, Preview Performance for students.  Tickets 4KD
Wednesday 1 June, Black-tie Gala Opening Performance followed by Buffet Supper.  Tickets 10KD
Thursday 2 June, Performance. Tickets 8KD adults/ 4KD children under 12
Friday 3 June, Performance. Tickets 8KD adults/4KD children under 12.

The English School, Salmiya.
–From Hwy 30 (Fahaheel Rd)
take 4th Ring Road East (towards Gulf Rd)
take first Right
take Right at end of road
take Left at end of road
take first Left
school is on your left- cream colored building w/ blue, and a high fence

The Ahmadi Music Group, directed by Richard Bushman, is delighted to announce the forthcoming production of The Desert Song by Siegmund Romberg.  Fully-staged, with costumes, dancing, professional soloists, a cast of around fifty people and a full symphony

orchestra, this will be a wonderful opportunity to experience an evening of musical theatre in the stunning new Performing Arts Centre at The English School Salmiya.

The Desert Song is one of very few operas in existence set in the Arab world. It tells the story of the efforts of the French in Morocco, in about 1910, to suppress rebellion by a band of desert outlaws, the Riffs.  The stern General Birabeau is sent from France to be in charge of the combat; he is impatient that his son Pierre is not interested in soldiery.  Only at the end does he discover that Pierre is secretly the dashing Red Shadow, leader of the Riffs.  The production includes comedy, romance, warfare, and more romance.

Desert Song is not well known nowadays, but in the first half of the 20th Century, its songs were performed by every major singer and
orchestra and dominated the charts.  Most tellingly, it has been made into a full Hollywood film three times, making it one of the most sought-after theatre properties ever created.  In 1929, it was the first all-talking Hollywood musical ever made.

Kuwait Events: Concours d'Elegance

UPDATE:  I took so many millions of photos, it’s been hard to sort out a few– it’s difficult to say which details should be left out of these beautiful cars! The show was nothing short of fantastic, with millions of dollars worth of some of the most beautiful cars in the world. Enjoy my album!

From Kuwait Concourse 2011, posted by Ridwan Ahmed on 8/18/2011 (170 items)

Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher

It seems the season of automotive events in Kuwait, as we got to see the Gulf Run cars a few weeks ago, and in the next few days will have a motorcycle show and a concours event!

Really, an international Concours d’Elegance event is of entirely a different league than our regional events. This is our opportunity to see some of the finest cars in the world. In Kuwait. One really gets a feel for how special they will be when looking at the “modern” category out of the different ones to be judged:

Category A: Vintage Cars : includes cars made from 1910 to 1930
Category B: Classic Cars : includes cars made from 1931 to 1945
Category C: Classic Postwar Cars : includes cars made from 1946 to 1960
Category D: Modern Classic Cars : includes cars made from 1961 to 1975

In addition to the Concours cars themselves, there will be some other automotive events as well, including these themed collections:

Hollywood Cars
Historical Photos Gallery
Presidential Cars Display
merican Muscle Cars
Daily Activities

Further, each day will feature it’s own theme, including Italian cars on Feb. 3rd, and the Kuwait Riders’ motorcycle show on Feb. 4th!

For more details, see the CdE website or their Facebook page.

Who: open for public, no tickets needed
What: car / motorcycle / show
When: February 2-6, 2011.
Where: Marina Mall / Crescent / Boardwalk
How: Take 5th ring road East towards Gulf Road (25) and head North (left turn) until you see glass walkway overhead. Parking is freely available just beforehand on the right side.

Hope you can make it out,


Kuwait Events: Motorcycle show by Kuwait Riders

I had meant to post about this and the upcoming Concours D’ Elegance (next!) something like two weeks ago, and of course completely forgot shortly thereafter! Anyway, looking at Mark’s post on 248am reminded me so here it is.
I R E A L L Y wish I had my motorcycle here! Have been considering buying one lately. I know the chances will increase if I get to go visit this!
Kuwait Riders website

Taking place at the Marina Crescent mall on February 4th, 2011 between 1300 and 1700.
There is more info at their  Facebook and website.

Hope to see you there!

Kuwait Events: Sultan Gallery Exhibit 50/20

I came upon this exhibit happening at Sultan Gallery, opening on February 1, 2011. It looks like it could be interesting–seems like it might be a little less than pandering, in the season of euphoria that is the 50/20/5 celebrations that is starting off. I have never gone to the Sultan Gallery, but have read positive reviews of previous exhibits.

From their press release:


Sabhan, Kuwait – February, 2011: Sultan Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of 50/20, a two-part exhibition featuring a new generation of artists who are challenging the construction of history through visual practice.

“The question of how individual memory fits or, more accurately, does not fit with history is at the heart of the question here.” – Gayatri Spivak.
As part of its mission to foment critical thinking through visual arts, Sultan Gallery has invited a number of artists, curators and similarly occupied individuals to superimpose their own visions of history in this exhibition commemorating 50 years of sovereignty within the State of Kuwait.  The month-long exhibit will be held in February of 2011, with one opening on February 1st, and the second on February 15th beginning at 7pm.
The body of work being shown in this exhibition acts as a kind of historiographical analysis over the development of the State of Kuwait in relation to the rest of the world.  Artists here explore a number of topical, socio-political issues that analyze how argument [tradition] shifts over time in response to the changing conditions of market and state [flux].  How was Kuwait culturally affected by a financial grown spurt with the discovery of petroleum?  Is the country’s social and cultural development up to par with the Dinar? What is art to a society like Kuwait?  These are some of the questions addressed through a range of mediums including video, photography, sound, sculpture, installations, and even the incorporation of design for debate as an aesthetic in art. Works range from individual histories, to folk, fiction, and secularist landscapes that combat stereotype, stigmas, and dogmas.  Sultan Gallery invites you to explore 50 years of independence, and 20 years of liberation through the eyes of the country’s young cultural cohort and protagonists starting February 1st 2011.

Exhibition Schedule:
February 1st | 7-9 pm
February 2nd | 10am – 4pm & 7-9 pm
February 3rd – 10th| 10am – 4pm (Closed on Fridays & Saturdays)
February 15th | 7-9 pm
February 16th | 10am – 4pm & 7-9 pm
February 17th – 24th|10am – 4pm (Closed on Fridays & Saturdays)

Contact info: | Sultan Gallery | South Sabhan | Block 8, Street 105 Building 168 | Kuwait
Tel: +965 24714325/26 ext. 111 | Mob: +965 60970001

sulta gallery 50/20 exhibit flyer 1
sultan gallery exhibit 50/20 flyer 2

Kuwait Events: Carmina Burana concert

This should be amazing. One of the biggest concerts ever in Kuwait.  I think this is a piece that someone who likes any kind of music could show up to, and enjoy thoroughly. The energy throughout the whole thing s just fantastic. And of course,  “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana is probably one of THE most recognizable pieces of classical music, showing up in a host of ads, samples etc. for good reason…

So go and check it out! The whole piece is fantastic, and it runs four nights this week.

UPDATE: Fist nights’ performance was fantastic. Thank you to all that could come, and I hope many more can for the remaining performances!

Ticket prices are 10KD for Wednesday’s Gala (Black Tie) night, including buffet afterwards
and 8KD for Thursday and Friday. Buy them here to make sure you have them or at the door.

Location of the Boy Scout Theatre in Hawalli is on Beirut Street, opposite to the shopping complex including Center Point, and adjacent to the Communications Tower. Coming from 40 is easiest–head East on Beirut Street and park in lot just after first traffic circle. Coming from 30, going West on Beirut Street you keep going past the KFC complex on your right and you will see the Boy Scout building marked clearly on your left in another few blocks. If you come to traffic circle, you have just missed it.

[map:,+Kuwait&msa=0&msid=207383783608350322245.000499e17bd144e48f180&ll=29.334785,48.015146&spn=0.003274,0.00456&z=17&output=embed 500 400]

Hope you can make it, and please let me know what you thought!


Kuwait Events: Gulf Run 6 Car Show

Yesterday was cold and today is rainy. Not the best days for a car show, but I will still be going to 360 mall today to check out the Gulf Run 6 cars there.

Gulf Run 6

These cars have spent several days participating in various races in Bahrain. This includes a time attack autocross, drag race, GP circuit race, and I believe even a drift competition. All of which would have been very exciting to watch, but true to Kuwait form, we only get to go to a mall and see some displays! Literally, too, because the car show is at a mall– but there are a few nice exotics and a couple of nicely done sports cars so I’m excited to go see.

Let me know if you made it out/ what you thought.


Kuwait Events: Reuse 4.0

Environmental initiatives in Kuwait are few and far-between, so I’m glad to know there’s one going on right now. But hurry, it ends tomorrow!


REUSE is “an annual exposition that serves as an opportunity for non-profit organizations, companies, professionals and aspiring creative talents to showcase their accomplishments in the fields of social responsibility and sustainability via a range of artistic mediums and interactive activities for the general public.”  As in, I’m not really sure what I’m expecting to see as such accomplishments in this country, but I’m hoping I’ll be pleasantly surprised! More importantly, I’m hoping to see some direction and some plans for progress. Kuwait needs it desperately.
As you can see above, it is taking place at the ACK, and is open ’till 9pm tonight (January 12) and again tomorrow (Jan. 13)  from 4pm to 9pm.  Location of the Australian College of Kuwait:

ridwander map

This whole program is suppored by EnVInitiative, about whom you can learn more on their site.
Hope you can make it out

Altercation policemen in Kuwait

I had an altercation with a policeman today. He touched my head in a mock-smack, and I almost put him in a wrist-lock. In the end, maybe it’s good that I didn’t; then again, maybe I really just missed my chance.

special police. there's ego for you.

I had just finished fueling my car and I was moving fast because in a huge hurry; overslept my alarm this morning. I opened my door to get into my car and a car from behind –who was initially not close, trying to pass through in between the parked cars getting fuel– comes to a stop but then lays down on his horn. Typical large American car w/ associated loud horn. Already in a state of some irritability because of my lateness, I did not close my door, but instead stepped into my car and started it first. While not a wholly time-consuming affair, this was obviously a retaliatory irritant. But what then happened can only happen in the “third world.”
While I was about to launch my car, the driver of the other vehicle floored his, almost hitting mine. When I hit my brakes, he did the same, then floored it again when I tried to proceed. This was all done in a lovely “I AM ABOUT TO HIT YOU IF YOU DON’T STOP AND HAVE A PROPER ALTERCATION WITH ME!” attitude. The kicker was, when one of these times I realized the two men in the other car were policemen (they were driving a non-duty vehicle)!! Eventually, as I am coming up to the single lane exit for the gas station (where I would still have to pay the attendant anyway), I decided to stop without further endangering my Mercedes against his Mercury. Surely, the passenger runs over to my window even before I come to a stop, and soon they are both shouting at me in Arabic. Regardless of my understanding of what they were saying (to the effect of “are you crazy? and “what are you doing?” etc.) I decided it was entirely time for some proper louder cursing in English, in proper Aggravated American kind of way. I KNOW this threw them off because they probably thought I was going to be some Little Indian Kid just about to take whatever they had to dish. At one point one of them reached inside the car and tried to hit my head while saying “are you crazy;” while refraining myself from a proper joint-lock on his wrist, I batted his hand aside and I think he understood my screaming “I swear to god if you touch me one more time I’m’a fuck you up” because he stepped back after that.
The amazing part: not one, but two Kuwaitis– one really nicely dressed gentleman in a dishdash, and one in a sweatsuit actually stepped up and basically told the policemen to get off me! I have to say, I really did not expect–given that they probably also figured I was just some L.I.K– that they would come up to argue on my behalf. So somewhere in there, the yelling and screaming stopped, I’m not sure from my side or theirs first.
It was funny, I never let myself get so outwardly angry before– I think this was an appropriate time. It almost felt like I was hearing myself yelling from outside of myself! I’m just upset that I did not write down these two hoodlums names so I could pass it on to their superiors! That’s the downside of anger, I suppose– you loose some rationality. Next time, I’m going to try a cooler stepping out slowly and deliberately, asking them to shut up, and getting their names and their superiors’ names thing. I’ll keep you updated.  🙂

Anyway, just had to share the crazyness. Try to refrain from fighting with your local policemen, but remember that sometimes you might need to. Just make sure you’re not outnumbered.