Kuwait Events: Solar Eclipse January 4, 2011

It’s really strange to be writing anything about anything happening in 2011, let alone to think that this will be a daily part of the date starting next week!

On the good side, nothing like a stellar event to make one think about how little the turning of a year into another really matters. As reported in the Kuwait Times:

“Astronomer and historian, Adel Al-Sadoon predicts that the eclipse will begin around 10:45 am and end at around 1:34 pm.
The center of the eclipse will occur at 12:09 pm where the people see the maximum coverage of the Sun by the Moon,” said Al-Sadoon. ‘At this time, 31 percent of the Sun will be covered.’ Al-Sadoon says this will be the first of six solar and lunar eclipses to be seen world-wide in 2011. ‘There will be four solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses,’ said Al-Sadoon.
‘In Kuwait, we will witness the partial solar eclipse on Jan 4 and two partial lunar eclipses on June 5 and Dec 10.'”

Solar Eclipse (15-1-2010 12-58PM)

Creative Commons License photo credit: aviatorjk

I wish I had my solar-eclipse glasses from the total solar eclipse from Maryland Science Center a few years ago! But until I find something nifty like that, I’m more likely to go out to the desert and fill a bowl of water to look into.
Make sure you’re safe when you’re watching this– regular sunglasses, or tinted windows etc. are NOT enough to block the sun’s UVs at this kind of time. You need to have special eclipse-glasses or welder’s glasses with a #14 filter, or the simplest– just fill a bowl with water and look into it.


Kuwait events: Green Film Festival

Something green DOES happen in Kuwait!

Green Caravan Film Festival

Right now there is a wonderful film festival that is happening in Kuwait. Unfortunately, their times are during the week, and that week is almost gone. Last chance tomorrow to catch something.
I saw Fuel the other night at Cinemagic (awesome venue!) and it was really quite an eye-opening experience. Also curiously, it could have been written directly FOR Kuwait–given the film’s emphasis on the refinery-filled state of Louisiana.

Hope you get to see something, let me know!