For Sale: Tron Legacy Lightcycle

Whether or not you have seen the movie (I haven’t), if you have seen the trailers or even just the images of the thing,  the motor-err-lightcycles look really fantastic! While my wife and I were wondering about how to make our own motorcycle gear glow(more on that later), I realized today that one can in fact buy this amazing looking machine:

Tron Legacy lightcycle by Parker Brothers Choppers

The creators are Parker Brothers Choppers, whose motto is “If you dream it…we can build it.” Given that these are also the people that also made the Batpod replica, Tron might be a logical next step. But really, the whole 8′ long almost 2′ wide machine with hubless wheels leaves the batpod way in the dust as far as I’m concerned. And that’s before it lights up! Not bad at all for 55 or 35 grand, whatever it is– the 5 or 10 people to own one will have a lot of questions and a lot of photos taken!
Here is a video of this thing in action.
And here are a bunch of details pulled from Cars Blog and Gizmag.

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2011 Mediocrity is finally here!

This came up on my Facebook sidebar and I nearly rolled off my bed laughing–luckily, king-sized beds are designed to prevent that sort of thing.

Meanwhile, the newest blandest car is out! It’s available in any color as long as it’s beige and… well, I’ll let you find out the rest for yourself. Without further ado:

the wait is over!
2011 Mediocrity

This sort of cheeky ad campaign was exclusively the work of Volkswagen in days past, and it’s good to see a different carmaker (in this case Subaru) bring us similar humor. Not the least because VW has really been making duller and duller ad campaigns these days, reflecting a similar downturn in their car design. Has anyone seen the new Jetta? No? It’s probably passed you many times but it’s so boring you just wouldn’t notice!

By the way, for those of you wondering about the car above, it’s a Kia Optima from a few years ago.