How to move a car aka how to get out if you are blocked in

At the end of the night, it turned out that the only two cars in the parking lot that were blocked in belonged to myself and my friend. Luckily, our car was blocked in only on the front. Theirs, on the other hand was entirely blocked in! We tried the hotel and found out the VW Touareg blocking us was not registered there, so my friends thought for a quick moment about taking a taxi back home; but we thought that for principle’s sake, we needed to move the blocking car. Here is what followed:
1: can we do this? yes!

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2: should we tip it over? no, we’ll just leave it where it is:

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Thank you to everyone who helped. I’m just sad I couldn’t see the guy’s face in the morning when he came out to his car; I think we should have tipped it, though.


Lamborghini Superleggera heels

This is quite possibly the sexiest pair of heels ever. Ok, well, they’re awesome anyway– I really hope the lights on the back glow a la little kids shoes ūüôā ¬†Apparently, they don’t really exist– “they¬†were designed on computer by Tim Cooper as a conceptual product for Tonino Lamborghini” according to Luxury¬†Luxury Auto Direct, which seems just as good a source as any other on information on this, because I can’t really find any! Of course, where else really would anything be designed if not on a computer? What a silly thing to say…but I believe the point is that they perhaps never LEFT the computer screen! ¬†Anyway, they are really neat and this has apparently been around since the middle of 2010:

and the car it was based on:

Now if only I could find the car in the same price range as the shoes…

When did the Camaro go on sale as a convertible?

Saw this yesterday in Fahaheel, and didn’t know they existed yet! Checked Chevrolet’s site¬†and it seems they are indeed ready for buying!

camaro convertible

Funnier though, is that thanks to Jalopnik, I found out that apparently this car made it’s debut on a Glee version of Britney Spears’ classic “Baby One More Time.” It’s a classic, you know it. Awesome.

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Lee Grace Dougherty (the escaping bandit) Subaru ad

Thanks to Jalopnik for this bit of extreme hilarity.

“Three siblings from Florida, sought for a string of robberies, stole a Subaru Impreza and led police on a 20-mile car chase in Colorado at speeds of over 100 mph.¬†The chase ended¬†when cops put down a “stop stick.”

So it follows that Subaru should take this opportunity to brag about the bad-ass factor of their cars! Or crash-worthiness, perhaps? Anyway, someone made this bit of brilliance, in keeping with their “Love” campaign which features owners and their activities:

Ferrari makes a hatchback? FF!

Well, technically it’s a “shooting brake.” Which is somewhere between a hatch and a coupe– but it seems like more companies are exploring this very different looking body style lately. The most commercially successfull (and one of my favorites) recently was the first generation BMW Z3 Coupe:

Then Audi had their Shooting Brake concept, which was only slightly differently commercialized as the Volkswagen Scirocco:

But I do have to say, the Audi and the Scirocco–while I do love seeing the Sciroccos in real life and they look great– aren’t quite… as racy as I’d like my shooting brakes to be. I mean, I suppose the real question is, when is it not just a low hatch? I imagine the rear seats might be one differentiator, making things like the Scirocco¬†or Alfa’s beautiful Giulietta very attractive hatchbacks¬†and not quite shooting brakes. Oh wait– then the subject of this post is a very attractive hatchback as well! Well, you decide:

Automotive awesome: Lancia Delta Integrale

Thanks to Jalopnik for providing this bit of deliciousness this morning:
My god what a beautiful car. I love what they said about it:

The Lancia Delta Integrale WRC is one of those great litmus tests for car people. If someone looks at it and sees and old Italian econobox they are not a car person. If they see it and immediately start drooling you know they are.

It is so true! What–you wonder–is the big deal? /You just want to hear it go?

From inside:
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From outside:
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And of course, off-road gloriousness:
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I remember this kid Nabil had a whole bunch of 1/18 model Italian cars made by Burago. One of my favorites was the Martini liveried Integrale he had– it had the full-opening rear of the S4 Group B car and the similar front as well. I was wowed with that car before I ever even watched it go anywhere, before I found out about it’s rally domination and now I find myself wondering– wouldn’t that make just a great daily?



So, I learned a new word today! From a combination of the definitions in Wikipedia and World Wide Words:

A chav (pronounced /ňąt É√¶v/ chav) is a stereotype of certain people in the United Kingdom. [Characterized often by their social standing (low) and their dress which shows] a love of flashy gold jewellery (hooped earrings, thick neck chains, sovereign rings and heavy bangles, which all may be lumped together under the term bling-bling); the wearing of white trainers (in what is called ‚Äúprison white‚ÄĚ, so clean that they look new); clothes in fashionable brands with very prominent logos; and baseball caps, frequently in Burberry check, a favourite style. The women, the Daily Mail wrote recently in a characteristic burst of maidenly distaste, ‚Äúpull their shoddily dyed hair back in that ultra-tight bun known as a ‚Äėcouncil-house facelift‚Äô, wear skirts too short for their mottled blue thighs, and expose too much of their distressingly flabby midriffs‚ÄĚ.

Wow. So at least it’s not derogatory or anything! Apparently this was Word of the Year in 2004, but has more recently come to the forefront as a word that is so oft-used¬†deprecatingly that it’s started talk of the return of classist¬†Britain. In the US, there’s an equally endearing term–“wigger”– for these same folk who appropriate parts of hip-hop culture and parts from their own backgrounds to create some amalgam thereof. Or is it just “white trash?” Either way, I think the following photo (sourced from Wikipedia article) is really excellent at a visual description

One of the cars at the GLC Spectacular event to publicise Goldie Looking Chain's single release.


Got to find some of my British friends for some more perspective…
Update: I know, I know you were thinking that a link to a good article defending Chavs is of the order. Sure enough, I’ve found it in the Times Online, and I think it’s great.

once upon a time: Oldsmobile Ninety Eight

It has started to get quite warm in Kuwait now– somewhere in the 45 to 50 degrees Celsius. At these kinds of temperatures, one tries to help the air conditioning system in their car in any way they can, and the various tints, perforated clothes, and straight-up curtains reminded me of one of the first times I was in an American car. Since those cars in the early to mid eighties had zero reputation for reliability, and high prices in the Middle East, most “sensible people” (my parents’ friends) didn’t indulge in such silliness. Every once in a while, though, someone would. When I was looking at some curtains on a bus yesterday, this made me think of one of our parents’ cousins in Riyadh who had a new Oldsmobile Ninety Eight. It was a maroon colored car, with plush velour seats (which were amazingly like the couches in our living room) and an incredibly quiet color-matched interior with equally matched curtains on drawstrings on the rear windows. At the time, the lack of vision that opaque curtains presented did not at all occur to me, because I was too busy being amazed about how this car was so comfortable inside it was as if it had turned into being a house! …and then the quiet! I still remember being amazed as the car moved about that it made almost no noise at all! Coming from a world of sensible Toyotas and Mitsubishis etc., this was really amazing. Those cars didn’t have this kind of sound deadening, this kind of smooth or this kind of quiet. You know you were in a car, and that was just…so normal!
Maybe it’s because of experiences like this that I still have a part of me that loves quiet, gliding smooth cars. Not because I don’t wish to drive a rambunctious, screaming sports car on most days. But because sometimes it’s just…nice.


Fiat in USA! It's happened!


I just realized something amazing today, while being slightly less disappointed at something more amazing not taking place– I mean, I saw an ad for “Alfa Romeo Seattle” and got really excited only to discover Alfa is still not actually in the US. No, the Competizione 2C does not count! BUT– Fiat has apparently finally landed! Above is actual footage from the website where you can find out that a new Fiat 500 is base-priced at just $15,500. That is quite less than I was expecting, and that is very exciting. Now the real question is, when does the Abarth come to our shores? ¬†ūüôā ¬†Ok, ok, I’ll take a moment to be happy about what’s actually there now. All sorts of old-timers will be making fix-it-again-tony jokes, and an unfortunately large amount of people will think these are unreliable Italian cars of the early eighties. Hopefully, though, there will be enough of us excited to have something different than the usual malaise of Hondas and Toyotas plodding along our streets touting some otherworldly mileage figures and scoring zero for being a good, interesting car!

Also on the topic of Fiat getting to places, they’ve also brought this car to Kuwait recently. More on that later.


How lucky can you get on a moped

So thanks to Jalopnik for pointing out this crazy video of how lucky one can sometimes get. (The flipside of this is the guy on the motorcycle should have seen crazy people coming behind and moved away)

The real question, though, as Virginia asked when she saw this: “why did that happen?” I mean the first car sweves left too fast, ok. But why does the other guy crash? Was he staring at the first car crashing?! I wonder if this was in Kuwait…

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